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When asked how long I have been a graphic designer, I say “As long as I can remember.” My formal studies began in 2000 at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. When I look back on my past I see that throughout my life I have been doing different things that were related to design. I used my first computer when I was 5 years old, had numerous art classes in grade school, I have always loved to draw in my free time, so it was only natural that I chose to become a graphic artist.

I started Metro-Designs while I was still living in Los Angeles, CA in 2006. I was working as a freelance designer as well as working a full time job. In 2008 Metro-designs evolved into a small graphic design business. I have worked with over 100 clients throughout the years from small businesses to major corporations both through freelancing and full-time employment.

In 2011 I created an additional website, With Metro-events allowed me to open my range of work through creating fun and creative graphics for parties and events. I offer digital party files as well as printed party invitations, thank you cards and vinyl banners.

I can honestly say I can’t imagine my life without graphic design, I am so grateful to have a career that I love as well as helping others to achieve their dreams by creating beautiful graphics to help promote their business.

~ Brandilyn

Areas Of Expertise:
> Digital Photography and Print Collateral
> Concept and Product Development
> Social Media Management
> Brochures, Newsletters, and Product Labels Design
> Branding and Advertising
> Organizational Leadership
> Staff Supervision and Training
> Web Design
> Event and Party Graphics

> Content Creation

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